A salt pepper spray gun isn’t just a gun. This is a gun we can use to actually shoot pepper spray.

A gun that actually works is a pretty important part of any survival strategy. We’re not talking about shooting a handgun, though these guns have that feature. We’re talking about spraying the pepper spray from guns that are designed to spray pepper spray. These guns look like they’re designed for this particular purpose. They’re long and curved and made for this purpose.

The gun is called the “Salt Pepper Gun.” It looks like it has a nice big round barrel sticking out of it. It has a really nice smooth finish on it. Its also relatively cheap to make. A total of around $10 for a salt pepper gun. The cost of a gun of this caliber is a lot less than a handgun, so I would definitely recommend it.

The biggest drawback with a salt pepper gun is that theyre fairly easy to fire. It will take some practice to get the right amount of pepper spray in the right spot though. Ive fired about 30 of these guns this way and this is still my favorite gun.

One of the biggest advantages of salt pepper guns over other pepper spray guns, is that they can be used on themselves. This means that you can spray them at enemies while they’re running away or standing still. This is another great feature of pepper spray guns that makes them much more fun to use. Because the best part of pepper spray guns is that they can be used against people.

I really love salt pepper spray and I love this gun because it allows me to spray it at people I don’t want to see. I can find myself doing this a lot in the game (maybe to scare people. I don’t know. I don’t know) and its one of the best parts about this gun is that it’s really effective against people.

Like every other pepper spray gun, this one has a small gun on the end of the barrel that looks like a pepper spray. The gun is held by a button on the side of the trigger. The gun is so small that you cant see the weapon unless you look at the weapon from a very close distance. The gun uses a chemical that creates an electrical charge that is directed against the person you are spraying.

As you might imagine, salt pepper spray guns work by a process of electrocution. When you use a pepper spray gun, your hands are covered in a thin layer of electrified salt. The point of your pepper spray is to create a charge that will cause the salt to burn the skin and burn and burn and burn. The salt burns the skin and spreads as the pepper spray enters the flesh, causing the salt to burn in the blood.

I think that this method of killing is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. It’s like the guy at the party that has a gun and decides to kill everyone by spraying everyone. I feel like that would be a pretty lame way to kill someone.

That is a pretty lame way to kill someone, but it’s also a very effective way to kill someone. The salt-and-pepper spray gun is a really clever and effective weapon for the kind of job you do.